Glass Art Techniques

In making glass they use various techniques and that is also the same methods that are to be used when they will do a repair work or restoration of the art pieces. Let us know some of this method.

Cold working

In the term itself, you can somehow guess something on it. The artists work while the glass is in the state of annealing or cold. The techniques that the artists can use includes grinding, cutting, sandblasting. engraving or polishing processes. This technique allows the use of special glue.


The materials of the molten glass that is used in this technique include soda lime, sand, and coloring agents and it is melted and the result is the molten glass. The molten glass is gathered by a blowpipe which is the one that is to be used to blow air into the glass to form a shape. They can also use tools and do other moves to shape the glass before it will become cold and it will harden. It is then put into the annealing oven to control the cooling process.

Hot Sculpting

This technique is used when there is a molten glass and it is gathered by a metal rod in solid form. It is to be gathered from the furnace and tools are used to shape it. It is similar to the technique of glass blowing but this one has no blowing process. The result is a solid and larger piece of various art glass. Many from the United States and Europe are a master of this technique.


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